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Windows Two weeks ago, I published an article in which I explained what was wrong about Randall Kennedy's "Windows 7 Unmasked" article. This was noted by Infoworld's editor-in-chief Eric Knorr, who suggested that Randall and I enter into an email debate regarding the various points made in our articles. We agreed upon publishing this email thread as-is, unedited (I didn't even fix the spelling errors), on both Infoworld and OSNews. We agreed that Randall would start the debate, and that I had the final word. Read on for the entertaining email debate (I figured it would be best to give each email its own page, for clarity's sake. My apologies if this makes each individual page much shorter than what you're used to from OSNews).
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"[Thom] gets rather upset (how upset he gets is a clue to reality), when anyone suggests that Windows 7 is merely a totally cosmetic facelift to Vista to make 7 what Vista should have been outwardly to start off with."

What in all Hades are you talking about?! That Windows 7 is internally -not- a significant change over Vista has been Thom's position the -entire- time.

Since I seem to be Mr Logical Fallacy, I will point out the one in your post. It's called 'straw man', and frankly, I find it one of the most insulting.

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Its weird he calls thom upset, but has racked up tons of threads (pun intended) being upset himself. State your point and exit, no need to beat the horse over and over again, and be the one your so critical of.

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