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Morphos The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 2.2, a free update for users of MorphOS 2.1 and 2.0. In addition to numerous bug fixes, MorphOS 2.2 includes additional optimizations and new features such as Kryptos, a disk encryption suite.
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by Amix on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 11:42 UTC
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MorphOS is a niche OS served for Amiga X fans and more. Do you really think that MorphOS would have got more users by jumping over to x86? Look at AROS! Its starting to shape but its taken ages. Let AROS be the x86 AmigaOS.

MorphOS would just vanish on x86 and development halt to AROS level. PPC gives it passion, enthusiasm and a great community.

Let MorphOS live on PPC and be an alternative operating system. Its always people like you who begs for x86 release that scares me most. You dont really have a clue about how to deliver some different into a marked. If you as I said, want Amiga operating system for your x86 desktop or laptop support AROS. MorphOS should stay on PPC and develope that platform. PPC doesn't deserve to die because you think x86 is so much easier just because YOU didn't buy any Amiga hardware? If you really want to support MorphOS or AmigaOS 4, then buy Efika or SAM440!

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RE: Commercial?
by viton on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 12:53 in reply to "Commercial?"
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If you really want to support MorphOS or AmigaOS 4, then buy Efika or SAM440!

Amiga was cutting edge in it's days. But these boards are just pieces of cheap underpowered HW. Sorry, I don't need anything like that even for free, because I have a well-made modern PPC hardware - PS3.

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RE: Commercial?
by -pekr- on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 15:24 in reply to "Commercial?"
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Amix, you are exactly the kind of amigan, because of which many leaved the platform. Non migrating to x86 long time ago, was a fatal mistake. I don't care about CPU used, as far as my OS of choice can be supported by decently priced, powerfull, yet power savy HW. Now give me FullHD support capable Amiga HW with above objectives, or keep your desilusion about importance of keeping Amiga to PPC to yourself ....

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RE[2]: Commercial?
by Downix on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 15:36 in reply to "RE: Commercial?"
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They did, however. Look up Amithlon sometime, AmigaOS on x86 migration path right there for you. But, they were married to PowerPC in the mindset, still are. I personally disagree on it going x86, but I also disagree on PPC. ARM, MIPS, SPARC, architectures that they would control the supply chain would be smart. On x86, just a bit of pressure would render them as impotent as OS/2 as access to hardware driver support dried up. With PowerPC, the hardware is lacking, and access is limited. With ARM, MIPS or SPARC, they could purchase a license, and then they would control their own destiny.

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RE: Commercial?
by corto on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 15:54 in reply to "Commercial?"
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I totally agree with with Amix. And I am fed up with x86 users that claim they would like to see MorphOS or AmigaOS ported to x86. If it were the case, I think the same guys will find other arguments to denigrate these alternative systems.

The MorphOS team do what it can improving the system. Porting it to x86 would be a huge task ... without talking the driver availability.

Thank you, MorphOS team. And thank you Amiga in general for giving us so much fun.

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RE[2]: Commercial?
by Kroc on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 16:16 in reply to "RE: Commercial?"
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Secondly, I would also like to add that historically, Amiga has always been on an alternative hardware platform simply because the IBM-PC "standard" was so utterly atrocious from a performance, design and media standpoint.

Remember that Amiga was doing in 1985, what took PCs until 1994/5.

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RE[2]: Commercial?
by dragossh on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 20:38 in reply to "RE: Commercial?"
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@corto: I'm sure many people would love to try Amiga on x86. Look at the recent RISC OS Virtually Free release, look at Haiku, look at ReactOS. People try them just to see how they work.

Moving to x86 would give the platform more users.

@Kroc: Historically, Mac was also on alternative hardware. However, the transition to x86 did not stop the platform from being useful.

I'm not saying that x86 is the end-all-be-all of CPUs, but porting the OS to x86 would do no harm.

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