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Windows "Kam Vedbrat is a lead program manager on the Aero team which redesigned the User Interface of Windows Vista. We spend half an hour looking at the user interface." (stream | file, .wmv)
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UI problems still not fixed
by emarkp on Tue 20th Sep 2005 20:07 UTC
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It cracks me up how he shows "calc" to demonstrate how the buttons light up on hover (which looks like a good idea), and then mentions that you can't maximize calc so the maximize button doesn't light up.


Aero: flashier, more VPU-intensive, but it apparently wasn't worth their while to fix stupid UI mistakes.

Oh, and they screw OpenGL as well.

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RE: UI problems still not fixed
by on Tue 20th Sep 2005 20:38 in reply to "UI problems still not fixed"
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I thought the same thing. Why not remove the button or --here's a crazy thought-- add the ability to *maximize* the calculator! I'm sure there are some users with poor eyesight and 15" monitors that would appreciate this feature.

It's also strange to me that the taskbar has still not changed much even though they've had 10 years to work on it. Sure, one can mouse over the taskbar to see a live preview of a window, but wouldn't it make more sense if those live previews were always there to negate the need to move one's mouse through the entire taskbar to find the correct button to click?

By the time Vista actually makes it on the shelves, I have little doubt that the interfaces of GNOME and KDE will be just as featureful if not more than that of Vista and that the interface of MacOS will still lead the pack.

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Why not remove it? Perhaps for consistancy. The whole reason it is grayed out is to show the user that this action can not be done. Removing it would be a BAD mistake (not to mention, it's just a standard widget).

Calc in Vista can actually scale up and down, I don't know why they haven't enabled the maximize feature yet.... but remember, this is just a beta.

Why would ANYONE want to have the previews always there? One, it's incredibly distracting. Two, it takes up a lot of screen real-estate. Three, it's just information overload. It's not hard to hover your mouse over it, especially since that, when you do that you, obviously, are thinking about bringing up that particular application, and as such, that is the good time to show that preview.

As for KDE and Gnome, unless there has been some truely active development for the back-end stuff (equivelant to Avalon), you won't see anything. Microsoft has done a lot to allow developers to do whatever they want with their own application interfaces, and make them look pretty, etc... There is more to Avalon than just the DCE (which the open source community is working on).

In my opinion, of course UI is subjective to each and every person, the only thing OSX has going for it is it's pretty. I personally think the general interface needs a lot of work (especially the dock, good conecept, poorly designed).

Plus, we'll really see what Avalon can do when Windowblinds for Vista comes out.

I don't think anything has ever worked so well in a pre-beta2 Microsoft product as Vista does. Hell, even beta 1.

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