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Hardware, Embedded Systems While solid state drives are very well suited for netbooks from a power efficiency viewpoint, they pose problems when it comes to capacity (and performance, but that's another matter). In order to combat this issue, MSI has launched a new netbook with a hybrid approach to storage: it has a solid state drive for the operating system and applications, and a conventional hard drive for storage.
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Give it time
by centos_user on Wed 31st Dec 2008 14:26 UTC
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In 2 years the drives will be standard eqip and something else will come along.

It is time for the mechanical drive to go out to pasture and never return!

SDD is the future and the day they are able to build high speed SAN/NFS storage it will blow the mechanical drives out of the water and be 100 better, less heat, power ect.

Electricity is going to get very expensive the same as oil did and it will put the computing industry on its knees. The auto industry got rocked off its foundation and the next up is computing.

With Obama's coal tax on power plants it will cause total chaos in the market that will be coming very soon and big flat panel tv's, power hungry pc's will be targeted and it will be another man made 'electricity shortage' the same as the oil LIE being a shortage only to drop to below $50 a barrel after it was at $150+ a few months ago...

Mark my words it is coming and DataCenter CO-LO's are going to get mega costly, along with memory and storage. Programmers will have to learn how to program with needing 64G like Oracle does with big databases...

End of cheap memory, storage is coming, get prepared and get ready to pay electricity bills...

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