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Hardware, Embedded Systems While solid state drives are very well suited for netbooks from a power efficiency viewpoint, they pose problems when it comes to capacity (and performance, but that's another matter). In order to combat this issue, MSI has launched a new netbook with a hybrid approach to storage: it has a solid state drive for the operating system and applications, and a conventional hard drive for storage.
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RE[2]: SDD is the future
by centos_user on Wed 31st Dec 2008 23:51 UTC in reply to "RE: SDD is the future"
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It will filter down to laptops/desktops with time, really to me technology as in hardware has stagnated but the economic downturn has hurt it a lot. Plus the dot-com blow out several years ago knocked out a lot of companies.

To me companies will be cutting back on software licensing and cost associated with it, since so many are going under Open Source alternatives will be gaining head wind.

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