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Windows Even though the EULA accompanying the beta build of Windows 7 prohibits the publication of benchmark results (good luck enforcing that one, Redmond), everybody and their dog will still compare the Windows 7 beta to Vista and Windows XP. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is one of those benchmarking the beta, and according to his results, the Windows 7 beta beats both Vista and XP in just about every scenario.
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RE[4]: Skeptic
by gustl on Sun 4th Jan 2009 21:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Skeptic"
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What have you been smoking?

Obama is for sure no "Socialist", neither Soviet-style nor Hugo Chavez-style.

In Europe he would be seen as center-man who listens to everybody, including the green party.

Regarding your opposition to a CO2 - tax:

With oil and coal production nearing its peak, we are facing steep price increases for those resources. With accelerating climate change we are facing more storms, more floods and longer dry-periods.

We now have two choices: Start a changing process early, use the CO2 tax to finance the industry change and profit later from not having to sell everything, including the kitchen sink, to Saudi-Arabia.
Or go on like before, and take a rather hard wake-up when the time to pay is coming.

Please get some facts. One of them is, that humankind will SOMEday have to live without coal or oil. Nobody can say NOW when this will be (it is likely a few hundred or thousand years away), but we better try to shift those times as far away as possible.
The second fact is, that 50 to 100 years from now we will produce 60 - 80% of our electricity from solar power. Because with Chinese and maybe African peoples also coming closer to US and European standard of living we will have no other choice. We will of course still have coal, gas and oil power plants, but they will be backup machines for long winter nights and cold periods.
Whoever is technology leader on solar power plant production will profit the most. Currently Germany has the best financial environment for building solar power plants, which is the reason why more than 50% of current solar panel production world wide ends up in Germany (they have only 100 million inhabitants). When an American company invented a printing process for solar cells, guess what happened? That company built a production facility in Germany. Germany gained jobs which could have stayed in USA. And the solar industry is growing FAST, with the fastest growth still to come.

And regarding your scepticism towards climate change:

1) The climate IS changing. There are just SOME people who want us to believe that humankind has no influence in this climate change.
You will find NO climatologist who says that the climate is NOT changing.

2) All mathematical climate models I know of are "wrong". "Wrong" in the meaning of inaccurate, because not all influences are included or fully understood.
Each of the models was tried out in two ways: Once with human-made greenhouse gases included, once without including them. ALL of those models got by far better accuracy with human influence included. Not a single model was able to simulate the currently happening climate changes without the human-made greenhouse gases.
Is that proof? No. Not in the sense like 1+2=2+1 is provable. It is a strong indication of what is most likely the case.

You could jump onto the freeway directly in front of a truck approaching with 105 km/h. Most likely you will end up dead, but alas, as long as you don't actually jump you have no prove that you will be dead.

I am in favour of trying to avoid that jump, even if it costs us some effort. Compared to what costs we have now from the deregulation of the markets during the last 10 years, the costs of getting the solar, wind, wave and water power train running on its own steam are peanuts. Unluckily the times when we have to pay both of them coincide, and that is the REAL difficulty.
I can only congratulate the US population to have voted for a pragmatist and communicative president who seems to have the ability to get most people to pull into one direction.

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