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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus' success with its Eee line of netbooks might have come as a surprise, but the company is now determined to expand the Eee brand into every possible niche and form factor. Case in point: the insanely cool Eee Keyboard, which will surely bring a smile on the faces of those who remember the glory days of the home computer.
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Already been done.. for some time now...

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The cybernet is at least $1200 upgraded to reasonable specifications. The base model at $699 is a very low specification.

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i have one already ! its called a laptop ! i just need to axe the lcd off of it and carry a tv around

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I did thia for a laptop whose LCD died. Now it's just a chunky keyboard. Taking it on the road, complete with external LCD is a bit awkward, but I like this idea of using a TV instead, especially if HD spreads.

Point being, something made with this in mind instead of done with a hacksaw like I did could be pretty cool.

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