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Features, Office Yesterday we ran a story on how educational institutions defaulting to Microsoft Office may stifle some people who do not own a copy of Office or Windows. A Forrester Research report now states the bloody obvious by claiming that organisations stick with Microsoft Word not out of necessity, but out of habit.
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Repeating something ad nauseam does not make it true. For the majority of users, openoffice is more than ready. In fact, in the feature discussion, there are openoffice writer features that either don´t exist or don´t work as well in word

OpenOffice is quite a bit more full-featured than Word is. OpenOffice can handle documents in ODF 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 formats, PDF, Microsoft legacy formats and Office 2007 XML format.

OpenOffice uses standard (non-proprietary) macro languages such as Java, Python, Basic and Netbeans. There is a much greater chance that macros will be able to operate anywhere and with other applications, not just on one type of system.

OpenOffice runs (feature complete) on Windows, Mac OSX, OpenSolaris and Linux as well.

One can even get a FireFox extension to display OpenOffice documents.

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