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Internet Explorer After successfully battling Microsoft over the company's bundling of Windows Media Player, the European Union is now ready for more. The European Commission has charged Microsoft with violating competition laws because of the Microsoft's bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.
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RE[5]: Again?
by anda_skoa on Sun 18th Jan 2009 12:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Again?"
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It will mean there will be no browser on Windows, so how the hell do you plan on getting to the Internet?

This is of course a common misunderstanding of people less involved with IT related technologies.

The software part which actually "gets you to the Internet" is usually referred to as the TCP/IP stack. While not totally correct since you'll also need UDP/IP and ICMP, it is close enought to be accepted as the most widely used term.

A web browser is, as its name already indicates, only necessary to browse the "world wide web" (also referred to as WWW or just Web).

All other forms use cases such as communication (e.g mail, instant messaging, telephony), software distribution (installation, updates, upgrades), gaming (e.g. World of Warcraft), and so on have their own client side programs for transporting their respective data through the network.

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RE[6]: Again?
by nberardi on Sun 18th Jan 2009 17:37 in reply to "RE[5]: Again?"
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Thanks for the history lesson, but to be frank I was being overly generic for a reason. We have all seen the news article about the young lady who blamed Dell because she could install Verizon High Speed Internet on her Ubuntu. What chances does she have if Internet Explorer isn't on the PC.

The point is to the average person Internet == World Wide Web == Email == Web Browsing == Online Shopping. They are all the same to the common person buying a computer for the first time, you can't expect them to know how to FTP to Mozilla to download Firefox to get on the internet.

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