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Apple US resident already had the pleasure/disgrace (take your pick) of buying non-Apple computers with Mac OS X pre-installed through PsyStar. European customers were left out in the cold, as PsyStar is a US-based company which undoubtedly makes shipping across the pond rather expensive. Despair no longer, European clone enthusiasts: German PearC is here.
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RE[5]: Why so Ugly
by Adurbe on Mon 9th Feb 2009 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Why so Ugly"
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I live in the UK and have double glazing thankyou.

If your buying a 4 million pound home that doesnt then I can only assume its a listed building (meaning you can only make changes to it that retain the exterior facade)

Either the building is listed or your 'friend' has more money than sense and should really look into what is is getting for his 4 million

You will find buckingham palace DOES NOT have double glazing for this reason

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RE[6]: Why so Ugly
by Googol on Mon 9th Feb 2009 14:49 in reply to "RE[5]: Why so Ugly"
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are you saying that the entire city of London, all of London for that matter, consists of listed buildings?

If you spend 4 M on a house, you can afford another 10K to have proper windows fitted in accordance with historic looks/preservation requirements.

It is not only listed houses, it is 90% of the houses. That also includes recent buildings (recent as in 60-70s), as well as recent refurbed buildings (Public, governmental, schools, etc, etc..).

Why do you think I am receiving cold calls for buying double glazing in London? Because it makes sense. Actually, they should make a bundle with mixing water taps to go with those windows - another reason why the UK cannot be part of the first world. And I will not let you off on the water taps - they are fitting NEW buildings with separate hot + cold water. Another very, very British thing. And while you are at it, get some water pressure on those pipes, so that those taps actually serve a purpose. Anyway, I think I need to quickly trip off on that. So the Brits may well have a mix-tap in the kitchen - but not for the bathroom sink, even if it is new. Now lets think about that. What are you gonna do with boiling hot water in the bathroom? Burn your face? Burn what else? - Exactly, you end up using cold only, at least if you are normal like I am. Our landlord recently refurbed our bathroom and he replaced the old sink from 50-10 years ago with a spanking new sink - WITH SEPARATE HOT AND COLD WATER!!! It is idiotic, ok? I asked a letting agent about what the story would be with those retarded taps. He told me I cold run it into the sink and mix! Yes, the first one in the morning washes his skanky feet in there and then I come along, wash my face, brush my teth, etc, etc... I am constantly amazed how ignorant the Brits are, given how much they travel.

If you want to learn something about the British attitude towards living standards, watch one of those many home-refurb-TV shows. So there is this guy who buys a studio flat for the purpose of refurbing it and of course selling it at a higher price again right away. He spends 10K on a big TV/Stereo system and also on a modern kitchen in a 1.5 bedroom studio. The architect supervising the refurb on behalf of the TV production reckons that he may chose to get double glassing instead of spending 10K on a flat screen, etc. -- Well, our young aspiring property owner didn't go with that, he said whether double glassing is good/necessary, is a matter of "opinion". No fool, it's not!!!! Especially not in Britan, where the average year temperature is 8C. This is Britian, live with it. This is how you tick as a nation when it comes to stuff like that. Why don't you go down Oxford Street and report back to us how many houses (above the ground floor/shop window level) have double glassing? NONE. You can carry on walking down to Holborn, Barbican, all the way until you get stabbed in Hackney, without running into double glassing ;)

PS: Congrats on your double glassing - you must get all the chicks with that ;)

PPS Most of the double glassing in more modern Brit houses, say the entire more recent development of the Canary Wharf area (80s, 90s), are of an appalling quality - as a landlord, I would be deeply ashamed of fitting such crap to a new building.

PPS get proper doors, door locks (inside the flats and for the main doors) as well!

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