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Legal The legal case between Apple and Psystar has just taken another, very small turn. Psystar gained a small victory over Apple today, because U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup allowed Psystar to modify its counter-suit against Apple, after he had dismissed the original counter-suit. However, something more interesting came out of this ruling: the judge hinted at what would happen if Psystar were to win.
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If they support them...
by nathbeadle on Mon 9th Feb 2009 21:35 UTC
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I've been an Apple user since diapers and I have to say I have no problems with clones on the market. People will pay for what they want. Apple will lose some of it's sales to the cheaper looking machines but there will still be a lot who pay the extra for the smooth styles Apple provides.

My only condition for the clones is that they support the machines they sell. If they had to tweak or modify the OS or software to work then they need to continue those mods to their customers. I don't want to see this turn into another hell like it did with Windows and hundreds of pieces of hardware and drivers needing to be supported.

I like the smaller closed ecosystem in exchange for dependability!

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