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Legal The legal case between Apple and Psystar has just taken another, very small turn. Psystar gained a small victory over Apple today, because U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup allowed Psystar to modify its counter-suit against Apple, after he had dismissed the original counter-suit. However, something more interesting came out of this ruling: the judge hinted at what would happen if Psystar were to win.
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RE[4]: welcome the clones!
by steogede2 on Tue 10th Feb 2009 14:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: welcome the clones!"
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While all that may be true, the fact still remains that it is a small known set of hardware they're dealing with. This means that they can basically test the latest OS X on every single machine that the latest OS X is capable of running on. This is hugely beneficial irregardless of actual hardware quality.

Yes and there is nothing stopping Apple from continuing to do that. Likewise there is nothing stopping people from buying their Macs from Apple - many people continued to buy IBM PCs when they could have chosen to buy an IBM compatible PC.

If Apple were to sell an OEM version of OS X, it would be in the same position as Microsoft - I.E. any incompatibilities would be the responsibility of the OEM. An Apple compatible Mac from Psystar, would only be guaranteed to work with the installed (and possibly earlier) versions of OS X. If a Psystar doesn't work with Snow Leopard, then it is no different than the same machine not working with Windows 7.

It is a little ironic that Apple are complaining about Mac 'clones', when all the current Macs are IBM/PC compatibles.

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RE[5]: welcome the clones!
by Jimbob on Tue 10th Feb 2009 20:33 in reply to "RE[4]: welcome the clones!"
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Na, I disagree.

If such-and-such a piece of hardware doesn't work with and operation system most people blame the OS creator, not the company who make the add-on, and should've spent more time on their drivers. My Grandma would, and for that matter so would my brother, and many other peoples brothers...

I prefer the Apple way of doing things, and I can't think of anything worse than OS X running on a butt-ugly machine with half-arsed drivers for random sound cards and so on...

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