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Mozilla & Gecko clones Bespin is an experimental in-browser text/source-editor created by Mozilla Labs. Using any modern web browser (that means no IE, obviously), you can edit your projects from any computer, or with the added flexibility of the web - such as online collaboration, decentralisation, and extensibility. Read more for Kroc's review.
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RE: Problems we can deal with
by Lennie on Sat 14th Feb 2009 08:39 UTC in reply to "Problems we can deal with"
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I really like the idea of Bespin, I've had similair thoughts and even started creating a login-screen for it, but never found a good starting point for the editor (and time).

Any issues people have with this, as the parent poster already mentioned, are mostly solved by the other Mozillla project Prism.

It solves most of the issues keyboard-shortcuts, browser-stability, access to local files, etc.

They are all options that can be enabled/disabled in Prism on a per application/website basis.

The only problems I see is, that they are not ready yet. ;-) Bespin is Alpha en Prism is beta if I'm not mistaken.

I think this is what our customers have already had for years (a webbased CMS), but this time for webdevelopers (and they don't use IE, so that solves that problem if anyone should complain about that).

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