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Linux The ArchLinux Release Engineering Team announced the official release of the 2009.02 ISO after a long period of intense development. This distribution is among the first to officially support the new Ext4 filesystem. I've always noticed that Arch seems to be quite popular among OSNews readers, and I'm interested to know from our Arch users: why? What makes Arch such a good Linux distribution?
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by da_Chicken on Tue 17th Feb 2009 18:51 UTC
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Some time ago I tried the first alpha version of the Chakra live-cd. The Chakra project is integrated with KDEmod, which offers ArchLinux users modular KDE packages so you can pick and choose the KDE applications you want without installing full application suites like "kdegraphics", "kdenetwork", or "kdemultimedia".

Chakra offers also some GUI tools like Shaman, a graphical frontend to pacman package manager, Arxin system configuration tool, and an easy-to-use GUI system installer from the live-cd. These GUI tools are also available via pacman for users who install ArchLinux with the default installer.

Unfortunately the Chakra live-cd is still currently a bit buggy and the GUI installer failed to install the system onto my hard drive. It's nevertheless a very interesting project and I'd expect that the Chakra live-cd will help hordes of newbie users to explore the wonders of ArchLinux in the not too distant future.

I've found ArchLinux to be an up-to-date and snappy distro that certainly deserves much wider attention than it currently gets.

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RE: Chakra
by somnambulant on Wed 18th Feb 2009 06:42 in reply to "Chakra"
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These Arch-based projects defeat the purpose of Arch's KISS philosophy. What's the point? Just install Arch. It's not that difficult. Even if you are an intermediate/advanced user you should be using the Beginner's Guide, which lays out everything you need to know.

And if you are a true beginner, it is a wonderful exercise in learning the linux way, and I would not hesitate for a second in recommending it to someone who has never tried linux before.

Print the Beginner's Guide- install it. Love it. It's that simple.

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