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Linux The ArchLinux Release Engineering Team announced the official release of the 2009.02 ISO after a long period of intense development. This distribution is among the first to officially support the new Ext4 filesystem. I've always noticed that Arch seems to be quite popular among OSNews readers, and I'm interested to know from our Arch users: why? What makes Arch such a good Linux distribution?
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Simple, clean and fast
by J. M. on Wed 18th Feb 2009 05:22 UTC
J. M.
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I use it for its simplicity and no-nonsense approach - very straightforward, clean and elegant.

But the thing I like the most about Arch is performance. It is a great distro for old computers - it does not include any unnecessary components, services, daemons etc. which means the memory footprint is really very, very low. With a modern LXDE desktop, the whole system takes about 35 MB of RAM, which is incredible. The only major distro that can compete with this is Slackware. I was also surprised how much faster everything is compared to any other distro (except for Slackware, which is very similar). Everything is noticeably faster - application startup, GTK+ drawing (it's still slow even in Arch, but not as slow as in other distros), CPU usage is much lower during many tasks. A truly lightweight distro. It reminds me of the BSDs.

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