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Editorial Does Windows 7 contain more DRM than Windows Vista? Does Windows 7 limit you from running cracked applications, and will it open the firewall specifically for applications that want to check if they're cracked or not? Does it limit the audio recording capabilities? According to a skimp and badly written post on Slashdot, it does. The Slashdot crowd tore the front page item apart - and rightfully so.
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So, in conclusion, I call "bunkum". IMO, the end users do indeed notice Vista's DRM ... they just complain about it in terms of "Vista is dog slow on my machine" rather than calling it as being due to the DRM.

Except... This polling only happens when the paths are in use... And that requires that the media use it... Which they don't.

So, besides the fact that the effect of the polling itself is negligible, it doesn't even happen in the first place.

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