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General Development If you have ever been interested in awk and sed Unix utilities, then you probably know about the awk1line.txt and sed1line.txt files that are floating around the Internet. Each file contains around 80 idiomatic sed and awk one-liners for performing various text modification tasks.
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Modern scripting languages have tremendously powerful string handling functions and they do all this using real words. RE's are there if you need them but you very rarely do.

Depends on how you think (hammer & nails, anyone?). I always think of a regexp solution to any given problem (that I solve in Python) first - typically, I slurp in a string, run re.findall on it, then do a for loop over the resulting tuples.

Regular expressions have the advantage of being insanely fast, and very easy to work with. I agree that for the problems that are trivial enough to solve with awk/sed, regexs may be overkill - you can just do s.replace(), s.split() and s.join().

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