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Apple Speaking yesterday at Apple's European conference, Apple Expo in Paris, Jobs said: "Microsoft is copying us with its operating system... Dell's trying to copy us with its hardware. That's fine but we'd like to not give them a map and show them where we're going to go. At least they can follow our taillights." Update: More from Jobs here.
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RE[2]: HiMD
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 13:56 UTC in reply to "RE: HiMD"
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I haven't seen a player that can compete with that.

I actually do not like the iPod interface. I cannot normally use that clickwheel thing, I always overshoot the item I need.


I'm of an "older" generation I guess. I do not like mp3 players *in general*. I prefer to have one disk for one album (or sometimes one disk for one artist). I'm of the Cd generation; I don't download music (legally or illegally), I still buy my CDs the old-fashioned way, in a shop, preferably Pop-Eye in Alkmaar (Boterstraat 10, ). Heck, I even have 180 LPs and a LP player.

That's why MD is so perfect for me. It allows completel control over what music you carry with you, you can put one album on a disk, or 40. You can have 1GB of storage, or 100GB of storage. It's just more versatile.

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RE[3]: HiMD
by GrapeGraphics on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 14:37 in reply to "RE[2]: HiMD"
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I guess us older generations have difficulties with wheels? I hear what you're sayin' regarding 'overshooting' etc but I can't think of a better way, or simpler. The wheel works as best or better than any other interface that I have tried. I am of land of old myself, remembering the spent coal that was used to heat mygrade school in Brooklyn NY (this is no lie). I remember the coming of the cassette and how the record companies dealt with people copying music. (BTW I'm 41, not old). Sonic quality has all gone downhill from the album/high end record player but the AVERAGE quality of players have improved. I still prefer an old Scully to do mix downs but comuters and dats have killed that.

So, as I said "I haven't seen a player that can compete with that."

BTW I work as a RUI (as opposed to GUI) designer for a major manufacturer of professional music gear. (RUI=Real User Interface). Their are always compromises and balances between function, form, usability and electronics. To make everything work together is the art.


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