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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Software that for the first time lets users run native copies of the Windows operating systems on a mainframe will be introduced Friday by data center automation vendor Mantissa. The company's z/VOS software is a CMS application that runs on IBM's z/VM and creates a foundation for Intel-based operating systems. Users only need a desktop appliance running Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client, which is the same technology used to attach to Windows running on Terminal Server or Citrix-based servers. Users will be able to connect to their virtual and fully functional Windows environments without any knowledge that the operating system and the applications are executing on the mainframe and not the desktop."
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Wrong.. but useful for some...
by looncraz on Thu 12th Mar 2009 18:07 UTC
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What a waste of (expensive) resources!!

First, you emulate an x86 machine, then you install one of the least efficient OSes in existence... wasteful!!

Of course, in the corporate environment ( which this obviously targets ) it can make some sense.

Even given all of the waste, older mainframes have cheaper CPU and RAM than a more modern computer. Replacing on of those machines every time for $500 is expensive compared to a thin client for $200-$300.

The choice of Windows is to keep migration costs to near zero - you can simply move the existing software setups to the mainframe as you replace your standard desktop machines.

Then it makes sense.

From a technology purist's point of view, it is pure stupid.

--The loon

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