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Linux The first snapshot release of Komodo, a next-generation Linux/.NET-based operating system, is now available. "A new desktop environment codenamed Dagon is now being developed with [D-Bus, Composite, Linux 2.6] to bring a new face of Linux to users. The environment is being developed around the Emotion graphics/UI toolkit to best make use of these new display and communication technologies as well as to provide a solid and useable interface for casual users." Get the latest snapshots from their FTP servers. Read more information for developers, users and enterprise users.
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RE: nice, but... why?
by fury on Fri 23rd Sep 2005 15:42 UTC in reply to "nice, but... why?"
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There is no confusion, because we don't consider ourselves a Linux distribution. When you install a Linux distribution, you expect KDE, GNOME, XFCE, E17 whatever. Our operating system is completely seperate from those entities except in the context of interoperability.

Now, why? Because I don't feel KDE and GNOME provide the best level of usability, good design, good visuals, etc and their code is just way too complex. When it takes me three hours to download the KDE source code, three more hours for building, and another twenty minutes to install, something is WRONG. This isn't just KDE, GNOME does it too. The need for something like Garnome is evidence that the system needs to be trimmed down.

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