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Hardware, Embedded Systems Go on, go around these gadget sites and read all that talk about netbooks and what not. Acer Aspire One this, MSI that, Dell Mini 9 this, Asus that. It feels like the second coming of laptops in this netbook revolution. But truth is, even back in 1999 you could find super-lightweight laptops in the market (for the right price). This 2005-released IBM Thinkpad X41 laptop that sent us, a well-known shop for computer parts, is one of the best Linux-compatible laptops you can buy today for cheap.
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by Christian Paratschek on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 23:18 UTC
Christian Paratschek
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Could you please consider adding standard European measurements. That would be a great service to all your non-US readers. It's such a hassle to convert this stuff all the time. It seems like a simple multiplikation, but really it's about the "feeling" you have for measurements. If you write 1.4kg, I instantly know what you mean. 2.7 lbs means nothing to me. So it makes reading your articles even more comfortable.

Also, IIRC, as soon as 12/2009 it will be forbidden to sell "40 inch TV Sets", "13 inch Notebooks" and the likes in the whole EU. Measurements will have to be in the metric system (as it is for all other products too, some electronic stuff just had a strange exceptional rule that ends this year).

I know I might sound a bot picky but really just regard it as good service for your readers. I think a lot of people would appreciate that...

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RE: Measurements
by bolomkxxviii on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 23:45 in reply to "Measurements"
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I understand your point, but for those of us familiar with inches and pounds it is a pain to have to convert everything. Us inch/pound users don't know how heavy 1.2 kg is. In a perfect world we would all use the same measuring system (and language for that matter). If you convert all your measurements and we convert all of ours we will all simply be doing twice the work.

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RE[2]: Measurements
by Christian Paratschek on Tue 24th Mar 2009 06:44 in reply to "RE: Measurements"
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I didn't mean to throw the inches and pounds out. That would be a great disservice to US and British readers! I just meant it would be great to include both, like "2.7 lbs (1.3kg)"

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