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Amiga & AROS Despite the recent emergence of several new ways to actually run AmigaOS 4.0, the supply of machines is still extremely small, and not very future proof. As such, one of the most recurring questions within the Amiga community is why don't they port the darn thing to x86?
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RE: That's right
by bert64 on Fri 27th Mar 2009 09:58 UTC in reply to "That's right"
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If x86 AmigaOS would not be Amiga, then nor is PPC AmigaOS..
Both PPC and x86 are incompatible with the original architecture that ran the Amiga, and both would only be able to run legacy apps through emulation.

The original Amiga hardware is gone, dead, buried, too hopelessly outdated to be of any use whatsoever these days... The only thing worth keeping is the OS, and only then if it runs on modern hardware that's actually available.

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RE[2]: That's right
by helf on Fri 27th Mar 2009 13:37 in reply to "RE: That's right"
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Too outdated to be of any use? To *you* maybe. A lot of people don't need quad core, 4ghz cpus and 8gb of ram to get useful work done.

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RE[3]: That's right
by bryanv on Fri 27th Mar 2009 14:34 in reply to "RE[2]: That's right"
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You don't watch youtube, do you Helf?

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RE[3]: That's right
by rimbaud on Sat 28th Mar 2009 19:18 in reply to "RE[2]: That's right"
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I think my 16MHz Amiga was considered slow in 1994, and took ages to show a JPEG!

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