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Amiga & AROS Some weeks ago the popular AROS distribution VmwAROS has changed name into Icaros Desktop, for two reasons: to avoid confusion with VMware-related products, and to better focus on the "Live" version, which runs on top of real hardware. This new release, Icaros Desktop 1.1, the first with the new name, has got many enhancements over the previous ones.
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The wi-fi dream
by paolone on Sat 28th Mar 2009 09:39 UTC
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Yes, I agree that AROS needs more wireless network drivers. On the ethernet side things are getting better, but on the wireless one we're stuck to 5 years ago. Unluckily we lack the manpower to develop everything, so if someone with proper competences would joint the project, it would be really great.

And, well, we already have an Atom platform supported, the iMica from CluterUK Developments. This should work as code-base for netbooks but, also here, we need someone that would code the necessary GMA950, sound and ethernet/wireless devices. Having Icaros running on a netbook would finally convince me to buy one =)

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