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FreeBSD The 5th beta of FreeBSD 6.0 has been released to mirrors. There is no official announcement yet, however. Pick a mirror near you.
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RE: I tried Beta 4
by molnarcs on Sat 24th Sep 2005 21:28 UTC in reply to "I tried Beta 4"
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Gave up what - trying out BETA quality software? Were you disappointed to experience crashes? What were you expecting?

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RE[2]: I tried Beta 4
by on Sun 25th Sep 2005 03:36 in reply to "RE: I tried Beta 4"
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The unfortunate fact is that testers are a very very critical asset to any kernel development process.

With the rise of other free unix-like (and BSD derived) kernels and strong competition between them, the "marketplace" is looking decidedly rosy if you're a tester, and quite sour if you're a sub-par kernel development process.

Now it is all well and good to have unstable development cycles, however the more unstable it is, the less testers it will get and the less testers it gets can easily mean the less stable it gets.

Also, it doesn't help if the unstable cycle is so long that the production quality release becomes obsolete and lacking new features or hardware support.

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RE[3]: I tried Beta 4
by on Sun 25th Sep 2005 05:57 in reply to "RE[2]: I tried Beta 4"
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My comment might seem off topic at first glance, but one of the many little things that I like about DragonFly is the fact that debug kernels are installed by default, even in releases. While I'm sure that is the case for FreeBSD betas and release candidates, I'm sure that it has proven to be a bonus to the DragonFly devs to have had debug kernels being the default for relases as well, when something goes wrong.

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RE[2]: I tried Beta 4
by on Sun 25th Sep 2005 08:18 in reply to "RE: I tried Beta 4"
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Well telling the truth they first said it was released on middle of august then they decided to avoid to put dates on their schedule.
We are in the middle/end of september and we have beta-5, is it a record ?

Frankly I understand that a BETA could have bugs, but a beta-5 that crashes, at least if that it's true, is not a good sign of the quality.

The fact that it is delayed so much is not a good sign, imho.

I still prefer netbsd.

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RE[3]: I tried Beta 4
by Marcellus on Sun 25th Sep 2005 09:36 in reply to "RE[2]: I tried Beta 4"
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If there is anyone that beta4 crashed for right away (or whenever it was), chances are that it is on a very particular setup.
Of course that doesn't excuse there being bugs in the code, but I haven't seen anyone crash beta4 really.

It is delayed so much because they want to ensure quality of the actual release. Unfortunately, not everything can be fixed if you want to actually release it.

I don't think it is good to constantly delay it, but I don't see any other choice either.

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