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Google We've already seen numerous rumours about Google's Android making a move into netbooks, only fuelled by companies expressing serious interest in the concept and by Google's CEO making some hints about it not too long ago. Well, the rumours are now no longer rumours, as a Chinese company is now the first to offer an Android-based netbook, at USD 100-200.
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RE: Missing the point
by puenktchen on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 16:44 UTC in reply to "Missing the point"
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Its not just an android netbook... its ARM based netbook, ...

with an arm11 core running at 533 mhz. the iphone uses an arm11 based design running at 620 mhz. 128mb main memory - same as the iphone. 1-4 gb flash - far less than the iphone.

of course it's also much cheaper and not in the same market anyway, but the limited hardware might explain why they use android instead of a desktop linux distribution. the in-order arm11 core surely isn't faster than the in-order atom core, so this netbook might only provide one third of the performance of its atom-based rivals.

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