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GNU, GPL, Open Source Tim Butler knew when he mentioned something negative about the GNU Project's General Public License (GPL), in his column on KDE last week, he would inevitably be accused of arguing the GPL was a bad license. What did not fit into that piece shall now be dealt with: is the GPL a bad license or is the issue he complained about something else?
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by on Wed 13th Jul 2005 15:47 UTC

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Hey Tim Buttler, did you read the past 20 comments ? Is that the community and openess you are talking about ? For what you left the KDE camp for and joined GNOME ? Let me applaude you for the past crap article and this one you given to a brave and fine community.

Maybe you should re-think your position.

Tim, not only LICENSING is an issue, it's also a thing of good and friendly people you work with, you have fun with, you enjoy your time with, where you feel home and invited, where you feel good while helping them because you feel you did something for everyone.

Have you tried helping those who you put in the bright light with your articles ? I bet they haven't called you an shizophreniac or paranoid till now.

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