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FreeBSD Last week it was BSD week: OpenBSD 4.5, NetBSD 5.0, and DragonFlyBSD 2.2.1. FreeBSD 7.2 completes the picture, with every major BSD now having a new and fresh release waiting to be installed on your desktop, laptop, or server.
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RE: The Question: BSD on Desktop
by kenji on Mon 4th May 2009 15:42 UTC in reply to "The Question: BSD on Desktop"
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2. Binary package management - Everyone else has this. I have been harping about this for years with FreeBSD after I got fedup with broken ports and taking hours to compile large software - either no packages or the package would introduce upteen library conflicts.

Really? No package management?*

FreeBSD has an entire suite of package tools.

I think that FreeBSD's package management works just fine. The library conflicts you speak of are probably because you were mixing ports and packages. If you stick with packages, you get stable, proven software although sometimes a bit out of date. Using ports is not a requirement.

*sarcasm denoted with italics

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Yes. I have tried PC-BSD. Its good but I did not take a shine to it (persoanlly like Gnome). I would rather install FreeBSD/Gnome then.

And Yes. FreeBSD does not have a packemanagement tool like the Debian and Fedoras. Try upgrading an already installed package and see the depndency hell it creates for other packages. I do stick with packages on the server side where I need more stability and do compile the freeBSd kernel for some of the things I need for it.

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There are many package management tools for FreeBSD that are the equivalent of yum and apt. Portupgrade and portmaster are two for the command line, and the DesktopBSD tools and barry for the GUI.

There are more tools here:

I've upgraded many a preinstalled package on my DesktopBSD computer, and I wouldn't characterize the experience as dependency hell. What exactly was the issue you were seeing?

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