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Debian and its clones Via LWN, we found a blog post of a Debian maintainer which announces a new package: EGLIBC, a compatible reimplementation of the GNU glibc which "which will soon replace the GNU C Library". Apparently the primary reason is the sadly famous bad maintainership aptitude of Ulrich Drepper, the main libc maintainer.
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RE: Debian
by silix on Wed 6th May 2009 18:31 UTC in reply to "Debian"
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I wonder whether going with BSD libc would have made sense as well - sharing the effort in central code like this would have been interesting twist of events.
me too
BSD code is for everyone to use and redistribute to their heart's content - including GPL supporters (and reuse of bsd derived code in GPL projects happened quite a lot in early times afaik)

otoh, eglibc's authors clearly mention E-mbedded systems as their target, and "GLIBC's developers' requirements" as motive for creating a specific library ...

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