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Internet & Networking When Google released the first version of its Chrome web browser, many eyebrows were raised over the fact that it updated itself automatically and silently, in the background, without user intervention or even so much as a notice. As it turns out, this has been a brilliant move by Google, as Chrome users are the most likely to have up-to-date installations of their browser, followed at a respectable distance by Firefox users. Safari and Opera trail behind significantly.
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Give him a VM with IE6 on it. If he is web designer he needs to test his apps in IE6.

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yes, that why i forced him to upgrade to ie7, i knew that the design departement had several bunch of vm for a while (i didn't make them, they make them by theirself), so no excuse for not having their working machine in a secure state while their test machine remain unsafe for test purposes....

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yes, that why i forced him to upgrade to ie7

Poor bastard ;)

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