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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Today, the new Star Trek film has seen its official premiere here in The Netherlands tonight, and in honour of that, I figured an article on about the possibility of faster-than-light travel would make a good fit on OSNews. The article is quite technical, so bear with me on this one. I hope I get everything right.
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I Though This was Done Already?
by segedunum on Fri 8th May 2009 14:31 UTC
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The article doesn't really give us much information because you can't just warp space time and go from A to B in the way they're saying there. You need a lot of energy to do that, and the further apart things are and the more space and time you have to warp then it is reasonable to assume that the energy requirements will go up spectacularly.

What you would need is a light speed drive that you could use when you're in normal space. 'Impulse engines' in other words. You would then use your warp drive to warp space/time so that in your own space/time bubble point A and point B are far closer together and then you would use your light speed drive in your own space/time to get there within a reasonable amount of time, dramatically reducing energy requirements of warping. Neat. To everyone else you would apparently be going faster than light.

It gets neater, because the transporter technology in Star Trek is almost certainly not feasible as it is. Disassembling crap and putting it back together? No thanks. However, you'll only be using it over short distances so you could use that very same warp capability to transport people and items safely, apparently instantaneously.

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