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Intel Microsoft isn't the only company in the technology industry with a monopoly. Its partner in crime, Intel, has often been accused of monopoly abuse as well, and is currently under scrutiny by the same European Commission who fined Microsoft. Sources have told eWeek (which generally has a good track record) that Intel will indeed be found guilty this week of abusing its monopoly position to stifle the competition.
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RE[2]: Comment by daedalus8
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 11th May 2009 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by daedalus8"
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IMO - AMD was left in the dust when Intel released the Core2, based on performance. That chip is why I switched to Intel. AMD was caught with their pants down, and until they stop playing catch-up, I will remain with Intel.

AMD being t3h suck doesn't magically allow Intel to break the law.

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RE[3]: Comment by daedalus8
by Phloptical on Tue 12th May 2009 23:13 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by daedalus8"
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The EU saying Intel is a monopoly carries about as much weight as calling Microsoft one. No US corporation gives a furry rats behind what the EU says.

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RE[3]: Comment by daedalus8
by swtestuser on Wed 13th May 2009 04:33 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by daedalus8"
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When Athlon came out. It was kicking Intel's back big time; had Intel play fair AMD would have gotten much better market share and money to further compete better w ith Intel. Blocking sales of a better product by Intel against AMD was why we need to punish Intel big time

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