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Intel Microsoft isn't the only company in the technology industry with a monopoly. Its partner in crime, Intel, has often been accused of monopoly abuse as well, and is currently under scrutiny by the same European Commission who fined Microsoft. Sources have told eWeek (which generally has a good track record) that Intel will indeed be found guilty this week of abusing its monopoly position to stifle the competition.
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" really think that moving the deck chairs around on the titanic is going to the change the dire situation in the US?
Kaiwai, you may recall that under the administration immediately preceeding GWB's, the DOJ and 19 States (or however many) moved against Microsoft's abuses, meant it, and almost achieved their goals, until MS was saved by the bell, so to speak, when GWB seized power in 2001. That faction held said power for 8 years. You may also recall that all that has recently changed, in both the executive and legislative branches of our Federal Government. You cannot judge us accuractely based only upon the last 8 years. Sure, we're f--ked in a lot of ways. But we, as a nation, are not defined by the George W. Bush administration. Please keep that in mind as we move forward. "

I am hopeful that the new administration in the US may finally begin do something positive about antitrust.

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