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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Ubuntu never positioned itself as a Debian derivative, like Xandros, Mepis, or Knoppix. Ubuntu publicly acknowledges its relationship with Debian, and Canonical, through its recently founded Ubuntu foundation, hires some Debian developers. All this should be good news; but for some it's not. Whether on Distrowatch or on forums, voices whisper that Ubuntu has a dirty secret you may not want to hear: they don't keep the compatibility with Debian, and they want to fork away from their mother distribution."
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That's a very good point. I mean, if you aim the regular users, you can't have that poor brown based colour scheme. As a regular user, I'll spend my time on computer surfing webpages, IM'ing, playing, listening to music, watching videos. It's fine for me that it just works, but it's awful to have to change themes after install. A lot of people I have showed Ubuntu to have said it's ugly and changed their minds for better looking user-friendly distros. Nowadays I prefer to show them Kubuntu. Although I don't like that blue glowy kde madness, it's still better than that brown theme.

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It's a matter of taste, brown if fine with, but bothers you. You have the freedom to change it, download different themes, icons whatever without extra charges (unlike windows for example).

I don't see what this has to do with the article though..

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General wisdom is that the default should be something that's optimal for the broadest user group. I love customizing things, but everything should be smooth out of the box. Not my kind of smooth, perhaps, but smooth.

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