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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu When Dell announced a shift in its Linux strategy last week, accompanied by a new netbook, many wondered why Dell insisted on pre-loading Ubuntu 8.04, instead of newer versions of the popular Linux distribution such as 8.10 or 9.04. BetaNews contacted Dell about it, and Dell replied explaining their rationale behind opting for 8.04.
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Debian Stable is in fact the basis of my favorite distro, Mepis. It is not released every 6 months, but it has some really great "Mepis Only" GUI tools, including an X-windows Assistant, a Network Assistant, etc.

You can even reinstall grub, from a live cd, with nothing but GUI tools!
Ubuntu is SO primitive....

Wow! I thought Mepis was based on Debian testing branch. That gives me a whole lot more respect for Mepis. I just might give version 8 a go.

You're both right. MEPIS used to be based on testing, but ever since the disappointing 'Ubuntu Dapper' based experiment; MEPIS has been based on Debian Stable.

Many hardcore MEPIS users (including myself) install MEPIS, then switch a few important packages, like OpenOffice, Firefox & Thunderbird, to the more current 'official' release directly from OOo & Mozilla.

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