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Hardware, Embedded Systems Currently, there's a lot of hype around Android on ARM-based netbooks, a type of netbook arriving later this year. However, despite the obvious choice for Android and other Linux systems, NVIDIA has openly stated their preference for... Windows CE. ARM and Asus are also quite sceptical about Android on ARM netbooks.
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RE: Ya, I tend to agree with them
by Wondercool on Thu 18th Jun 2009 23:20 UTC in reply to "Ya, I tend to agree with them"
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Gee, I have a completely different experience.
Let's go through the motions:

-interface, what interface??
When you close an app, it doesn't exit!! it somehow runs in the background but there is no standard user interface to control programs, you have to use another application to stop it using battery life, memory.
Why no standard task bar?

- every application is a trimmed down version of the standard Office suite/MS standard shite.
So you get an Office that isn't Office, a browser that is so bad, it's unusable compared to Opera Mobile or Nokia.

-Upto version 6.1 many essential stuff like Wifi didn't work properly, you need to install 3rd party

-No standard support for SMB networks, yet another app

-No support for touch, the whole OS was made for people living in the 90s

I don't think Windows Mobile has a chance in hell.
it's 13 years and it didn't make a dent deservingly
Linux will overrun it in some form (like Android, Palm WebOS and Ubuntu EEE) or else Darwin by Apple (iPhone)
Maybe even Symbian?

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"I don't think Windows Mobile has a chance in hell."

agreed, that's why I specifically mentioned not the mobile phone version but WinCE itself. WinCE is the core, and windows mobile is a pile of garbage that was put ontop of a good core. To help you understand I will use the Linux example: Linux as a kernel is good, now if you throw a bunch of garbage on it, well call it Xandros, it doesn't really give Linux a chance to shine. make sense now?

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Still, WinCE lacks even more drivers than Linux does. I don't think I have a single device at all that ships with WinCE compatible drivers, but all of them work with Linux. As such it's pretty stupid for the NVIDIA guy to complain about Linux's lack of drivers when WinCE will do even worse in that regards. I seriously doubt he will find WinCE drivers for his fancy HP printers or scanners..

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