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OSNews, Generic OSes Today's a slow news day, so I thought it would be a good day to bring up an idea I've been incubating. I've been contemplating launching an OSNews-like site on the topic of Enterprise Computing. Obviously, OSNews covers the OS-related aspects of heavy-duty business, scientific, and academic computing already, and sometimes news on databases, app servers, cloud computing and other related topics too, but a lot of the kind of news that is useful to enterprise IT people falls outside of OSNews' purview, and it's appropriate to keep it that way. But I think that the enterprise IT world could use an OSNews-like site to aggregate and examine the latest news in that sphere. So my question to you, dear OSNews readers, is this: Do you agree? Would you be interested in reading and participating in a site on that topic? Would you be interested in being involved? If so, I'd like to recruit a few editors to help me launch it. Read on for more details. Update: Are there any native Korean speakers who read OSNews? If you are one, and you'd be willing to help me out with a short project, please contact me.
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I'll agree with badtz about the value in OSNews covering the more 'obscure' topics, that's why I read it. News about OSX/Windows proliferates in all the mainstream outlets, so sticking to a niche certainly helps in keeping OSNews unique and valuable.

That said, you ought to consider how you can leverage that kind of niche in the enterprise IT world. I wouldn't attempt to guess how to accomplish such a task because combining 'obscure' and 'enterprise' is a bit of a paradox.

I don't think it's necessarily a paradox all the time though. Many "enterprises" (I hate that term too, hehe) don't always want to go the MS/RH/Novell route; how some of these more obscure technologies and OSes fit into a real working environment where money is made everyday is a very interesting subject.

My business embraces different technologies no matter how big or small the developer/maker is, provided that it does just a couple different things: provides good value, and facilitates the user's productivity.

If those two things are satisfied, it's open game as to what we want to use. It's a very rewarding environment to work in, and I think a site (or division of a site) devoted to that would be cool.

On the contrasting side, I think it would be good for many people in the academic or scientific communities that champion their tech to see it's not always a great fit for the enterprise, and therefore everyone can understand each other a little bit more.

I think it is indeed a promising concept, somewhat of a hybrid between the mainstream IT online rags, and OSNews.

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