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Qt As some had already anticipated when Nokia acquired Trolltech, the next version of the Maemo platform will have its application framework based on Qt instead of Gtk+. This news was announced at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. While the switch to Qt may seem a major defeat for the GNOME community, this isn't exactly true, as many of the underlying technologies will still be GNOME-centric.
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by poundsmack on Mon 6th Jul 2009 16:12 UTC
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While this might add a bit more time to development, I ultimatly believe this will benefit the platform as a whole. QT seems to me like more of a future ready tool kit, while GTK (in the last year or so) seems like the code base is getting a bit cluttered. Just personal opinion of course, but I made the switch from GTK2 to QT a few years back and I haven't looked back. Good luck Maemo team.

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by KAMiKAZOW on Mon 6th Jul 2009 20:20 in reply to "good"
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Well, GUI-wise MIDs and smartphones are not that different. Qt already ran on cell phones before Maemo even started.
Even if we completely ignore the fact that Qt integrates better into non-X11 desktop platforms (Win and Mac OS X), in the handheld space alone Qt is the more portable alternative. It runs on Windows Mobile, Linux and Symbian S60.
No matter which OS upcoming Nokia devices are based on, Nokia can just use Qt for their apps.
Third party handheld app developers can also just use Qt and target probably ~80% of all handhelds worldwide -- no matter if they were bade by Nokia or whoever.

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