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Podcasts Pirates vs. Ninjas has already been decided. Now it's the pirates vs. the clones or more technically The Pirate Bay and Mac Clones with a bit of HTML5 Video and Linux inbetween. No music this time again as the show is late, and some changes to the recording method (mentioned in the show) that made the edit take longer.
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Just a Thought About "Normal" People
by weildish on Tue 7th Jul 2009 23:45 UTC
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"Normal" people and their OS of choice-- most, as we know, use Windows, yet a lot of people who fall under this category who also use Linux. Thom mentioned in the podcast that most of these "normal" Linux users have a geek friend who set it up for them. Windows is pretty much the same idea; they're not friends, but OEMs set up Windows for these people. Same with the Mac OS.

As it is, I've come to find that a Linux distribution seems easier to install than Windows (especially XP).

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Definitely have to agree here. The majority of "non-techie" users very rarely ever install their own operating system and, often even if they reload their computer on their own, it's a custom OEM restore image that is preloaded with all necessary components. Ideally, if an OEM ships a machine with another os, the same situation would apply--although, for whatever reason, most OEMs don't seem able to do this (Asus, anyone?). I can't count the number of times I've had to reload XP from a plain (non-OEM) restore image and, by the time I've located all the drivers and other things needed, I usually feel like beating my head against a brick wall to relieve the pain of the experience.

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