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Linux Linux Mint 7 "Gloria" was released a little while ago, so before it became too old of news, I thought I'd take a whack at experimenting with it for the sake of netbookers everywhere (and for myself, naturally). As I type this on gedit after about two weeks' use, let's just say that the system on my EeePC 1000 HE is, for the most part, rather glorious-- pun intended. As a bonus, I also got Google's Chromium browser to run on it, so keep on reading to find the section on that.
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Mixed messages
by lproven on Sat 11th Jul 2009 13:29 UTC
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I find this a very odd review.

It praises the product highly, yet makes many criticisms. Indeed, more failures are pointed out than successes.

It mentions features that were not tested, but dismisses them as unimportant. It points out ways that this product fails in comparison to rivals - notably, battery life - yet still recommends the distro.

It also seems to lack comparisons to more directly-equivalent rivals, such as vanilla Ubuntu; more saliently, it would have been useful to compare Mint directly against netbook-focussed distros such as EasyPeasy.

I find the described problems with networking, for instance, very troubling; the author says they've been resolved, but does not seem to know how or by what, and doesn't seem to care. That sort of thing is going to be very important to prospective users; merely sidelining it or ignoring it is not an acceptable response.

I am left uncertain of the conclusion; whereas the writer certainly seems to like Mint, I have a worrying feeling that they have not compared it fairly and squarely against either Windows, other general Linux distros or indeed other netbook distros. I also got the impression that the author was content to live with limitations and missing functionality that I, for one, would not accept.

If some hardware doesn't work, a good review explains why and details how to fix it. It does not say "but I don't use that, so it's OK."

I fear that this means that, as a review, the article has rather failed in its mission.

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RE: Mixed messages
by starskeptic on Sat 11th Jul 2009 17:17 in reply to "Mixed messages"
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I also had the same problems with this article that you did---like --what exactly WAS the point of all this?

"Though Linux Mint 7 wasn't yet included in the default options of the program{unetbootin} (it comes with a preset list of distributions to use), I was still able to download the image and install it on the USB drive from that" --just because were ABLE to do something doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work and we have no idea if this was compared to UNR or if Ubuntu was installed via unetbootin...

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