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Windows "The latest version of Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows 7, is available for pre-order in the UK. Amazon said that sales of Windows 7 in the first eight hours it was available outstripped those of Windows Vista's entire 17 week pre-order period."
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I don't have a single friend or know of anyone who would go out to buy an operation system, i am talking about average people here, the whole "to a user the UI is the operating system".

My experience is opposite, as I know plenty of people like you describe that must have the "latest and greatest". They do buy operating systems.

Also just a poke, i am a salesman and i wouldn't do anything for a sale, there isn't honestly many that would.

No offense intended, though you must be one of the few and far between. Every sales person I know would do whatever it took to get that commission. Most retail sales people don't even have a clue about what they are selling, let alone be technical.

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