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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Linux desktop has come a long way. It's a fully usable, stable, and secure operating system that can be used quite easily by the masses. Not too long ago, Sun figured they could do the same by starting Project Indiana, which is supposed to deliver a complete distribution of OpenSolaris in a manner similar to GNU/Linux. After using the latest version for a while, I'm wondering: why?
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[q} Some of you might say that I need UPS system to withstand power failures. but is there any UPS system that can backup home server for 30 minutes and sometimes even more? This system is power failure proven and is the best choice for a home server [/q]

You usually don't need 30 minutes of UPS backup, you need enough time to shut down your system safely in most cases 5-10 minutes or so is enough. Most UPSes will shut down your system automatically if you have a power failure longer than 5 minutes or so.

Even so, ZFS is nice especially if you have large disks, as you don't need to fsck at regular intervals. a procedure that could take several hours on a few TB of ext3 formatted disk

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