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Legal A win for people who hate the DMCA and censorship. As we reported on earlier this year, Apple pressured the public wiki site Bluwiki into removing several pages about how to sync iPods and other devices with the iTunes database without actually going through iTunes. Apple invoked the DMCA and sent several cease and desist letters, after which Bluwiki removed the pages in question. However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation got involved, and together with law firm Keker & Van Nest they sued Apple. It worked.
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RE[7]: I find it amazing...
by broch on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 15:45 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I find it amazing..."
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Apple promised carbon 64-bit (OS X Photoshop is carbon), then they decided that cocoa is better, adobe got fed up, now you have to wait or use 32-bit photoshop.

It takes long time to get re-write big app as Photoshop. Entirely Apple's fault.

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Honest question here. Why can't the source tree be recompiled against the 64bit libraries instead of the 32bit? I realize it's complex software and much more so than drivers but the sum-total of driver migration was recompiling the kernel and modules against 64bit libraries; tada.. 64bit OS with full hardware support.

I'm not a developer so I'm probably missing something, which is why I ask.

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ask Apple why carbon (used for Photoshop) 64-bit development was abandonned:

Lightroom for OS X was writend in cocoa from the start so no problem. Adobe used carbon for Photoshop because it was easier and Apple promised to deliver 64-bit carbon. Because Apple failed, Adobe has to get cocoa version of Photoshop.
So no 64-bit carbon means dealay in 64-bit development of Photoshop.

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