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Editorial So, Microsoft submits 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, all licensed under the GPL. Microsoft, who considers Linux a great threat, and once called the GPL a "cancer". Opinions on this one are flying all around us, but what does Linus Torvalds, Linux' benevolent dictator, think about all this?
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Linus is insane and brainwahsed ...
by Moulinneuf on Fri 24th Jul 2009 15:02 UTC
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After reading this last isnanity from Linus ( with a bit of Thom own clueless trown into the mix for sentionalism ) one intelligent person can only come to only one conclusion in the view of reality and the real fact , Linus Torvalds is insane and brainwashed ...

First of All , the people who hate Microsoft are Microsoft user's and those who are forced to used it for some reason , who are forced to endure there broken software and strategy and criminal activity , they are not sick or suffering from any illness or disease.

Important note here , I am a multi user myself , I don't hate Microsoft , I fix it almsot daily , nor hate it's people , but I don't support there criminal activity who have stopped other OS from reaching and being mainstream and shipped on most existing hardware.

You have to be pretty insane to sugest they are suffering from a disease in this case or that their hatred is not rational and founded into reality , after all they paid for it one way or another , Linus as been living in a crystal tower where he doesn't have to suffer the reality of life or have to compromise he is also kept very far from reality , is salary and livelyhood is not based on delivering anything or doing anything.

The brainwashed part , come from the fact that you have to be , to claim that extremist make up the majority of Free Software and that is why you try to stay away from it and refuse to call what you do Free Software even do it is exactlky who and what you are.

Make no mistake , GNU/Linux is Free Software and Linus Torvalds is a Free Softwaare developer only , one can compare and identify him as such by looking at the Mozilla project and Apache project who are real Open Source projects who do thing differently with different people.

Now his Free Software fabulation and description come from his brainwashed closeness with Open Source liar and traitor who brainwashed him into thinking that Free Software is bad and the enemy of all manking and somehow made up of extremist ( Hi and wave to Eric ).

The problem is in reality Open Source is pretty much Microsoft and Apple bitch , they use it and close it in there hand , there is nothing that exist or could be seen a direct competitor from any other OS then GNU/Linux.

If Free Software was also only about hating Microsoft as he insaly tryed to sugest , then they would have been in the news the moment that the illegal closed and now proprietary code was found out to be infringing on the GPL and would have made it public a long time ago ...

Linus Torvald is diconnected from reality and insane , you have to be when you consider people extreme after how they dealth with the last problem and how Microsoft dealt with GNU/Linux on netbooks. That much was clear from is speech when the GPL v3 discussion happened.

In the face of reality one can only laugh , because when you look at Microsoft contract and dealing and past lobyism , one can see that Microsoft will kill any and all software and OS that is not Microsoft.

BTW this is just the reverso of the word most of the commenter and editor put out on here and for me this make a lot more sense as opposed to what most of you prescribed to and suggested.

So to resume , GPL is bad , Free Software is the enemy of all manking and the Free Software user's and devloper are extremist , zealot and demons ...

Excuse me will I don't take any of you seriously nor Linus and go back to fixing broken stuff and solving problems ...

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Wow, a lot of words, but with that title I couldn't be bothered to read them ;)

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Moulinneuf... I do think I speak for everyone here at OSNews when I say that you are a moron. Please, go away.

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Moulinneuf Member since:

Moron is an ** upgrade ** thousand mark above what some no name cowards like you think of me here ...

It's called an opposite view , read it again and try to understand it's underlined message , if you can.

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Moulinneuf... I do think I speak for everyone here at OSNews when I say that you are a moron. Please, go away.

Awwww, go easy on him - it's not nice to mock retarded people.

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