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Editorial I think I'd like to start an internet movement. Due to Apple's recent actions regarding the Google Voice app, I intend to criticize Apple every day at OSNews for 1984 days, or until they perform a very subtle and simple act of contrition. I'd like to enlist the help of every tech journalist, blogger, twitterer, Facebook denizen, and person who ever talks to another person. I'm that girl in the running shorts with the hammer, people! I'm throwing the hammer at the big creepy guy on the screen! We don't have to be slaves anymore! Read on for the full manifesto.
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applaud the spirit but you're exactly wrong
by natden on Mon 3rd Aug 2009 06:00 UTC
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AT&T is a short term bump.
It's the app review process that has to go.
Apple rejects far and wide... if AT&T was behind this one than they've given them lots of cover.

"duplicates existing functionality". WTF?

We can only use The One Set of True Apps.

That IS 1984.

Apple has become exactly what it was supposed to oppose. And not even for money (more apps arguably would make them more money)... but just because it's a control freak and can't help itself.

The Think Different company now insists its developers Think Alike.

AT&T will go under the bus someday. But real innovation is going to Android.

The scariest way is how iPhone users are like the grey people in the audience of that famous 1984 ad. Believing in Steve and His One True Set of Apps.

AT&T is just a pipe. Apple is the new Big Brother. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. The new walmart censoring what can be sold. EVERY value they were supposed to oppose. And just because they can.

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Apple has become exactly what it was supposed to oppose

Wish that were really the story. Alas, the real story is that it always has been 'what it was supposed to oppose'.

The incomprehensible thing is that it managed successfully to portray itself as different. And that lots of people managed to convince themselves it was different. Well, maybe recent events are making clear to the world, finally, what it really is.

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