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Web 2.0 The web browser has been the dominant thin client, now rich client, for almost two decades, but can it compete with a new thin client that makes better technical choices and avoids the glacial standards process? I don't think so, as the current web technology stack of HTML/Javascript/Flash has accumulated so many bad decisions over the years that it's ripe for a clean sheet redesign to wipe it out.
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RE: new language
by sbergman27 on Tue 11th Aug 2009 10:07 UTC in reply to "new language"
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In the meantime for a thin client experience we still need RDP or Citrix ICA protocol

Please stop using OSNews as a free advertising platform for your thin client/server product which you link in most of your posts. (Yes, it's noticeable.)

And for the record, speaking as an admin, if you can avoid RDP and ICA you are really better off. There are other, better ways to do thin client which I will not advertise here.

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