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Opera Software "Opera 10 beta 3 was released Wednesday for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. With a strong European following, the preview version has been able to keep this popular alternative browser competitive by offering page rendering quality comparable to Google Chrome, while offering a robust list of features."
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RE: Opera on daily use
by Anon9 on Mon 17th Aug 2009 14:18 UTC in reply to "Opera on daily use"
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I have found opera to be more that sufficient for daily use. I have used as my main browser it for years. Also, its market share is definitely more than 1%. According to, it has 2.91% and is the third most popular browser. According to, it has 1.97% and is the fifth most popular browser. However, these statistics might be including Opera mobile browser versions in with the desktop browser. I think Opera's mobile browser is the market leader for mobile browsers so it might improve the statistics if it is included.

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