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Mozilla & Gecko clones Remember the very detailed proposal Microsoft submitted to the European Commission not too long ago about the browser ballot? This was quite the detailed proposal, covering just about every possible aspect of such a ballot screen. Responses were positive from within the EC, but now it seems that according to the Mozilla Foundation, the proposal is not good enough.
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RE: Enough is enough
by wumip on Thu 20th Aug 2009 19:47 UTC in reply to "Enough is enough"
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First I had to uninstall Opera, which I liked a lot, because they were whining like a bunch of 5yr I'm going to have to remove Firefox....I can't sit by and support a company that uses their complaint of one company forcing an option on the consumers in order to do the same thing they're accusing MS of. At the rate this going I'm going to be stuck using Lynx or wget.

You will have to boycott Microsoft and Google too, since they have been filing antitrust complaints as well.

Also, no companies are forcing an opinion on consumers. Consumers are finally being given an actual CHOICE, rather than havning IE forced on them.

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