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Windows Last week we talked about what Linux (well, okay, X) could learn from Windows Vista and Windows 7, focusing on the graphics stack. A short article over at TechWorld lists seven things Windows 7 should learn from the Linux world. Some of them are spot-on, a few are nonsensical, and of course, and I'm sure you have a few to add too.
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It's too bad that 4nt.exe never got purchased by MS and integrated as a cmd.exe replacement. 4dos.exe and 4nt.exe were excellent shell programs for Windows 9x and NT/2K/XP. Used to use 4dos on all my Win9x computers, and 4nt on some of my 2K boxes.

Amen. Still have an old copy of 4NT on my XP machine, it - combined with the unxutils package - is about the only way I can stand using the command line in Windows.

And a command-line runas.exe app.

While runas.exe does exist, its command syntax makes my brain hurt. E.g.

sudo app filename
compared to...
runas /env / "notepad \"my file.txt\""

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