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Games The recent release of the PS3 Slim brought about joy for those who were waiting for a less expensive/smaller gaming system and indignation for those who were waiting for a Linux experimental machine of the same type as there was no "OtherOS" or Linux option on this model. Why? we cry sadly. Because, the deep, omniscient voices of two Sony representatives boom back.
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As the other commenter asked.. how so? How does allowing an alternative OS install increase the likelyhood of hacking or piracy.

By virtue of the fact that you are providing deeper access to the system.

Providing an OS with deeper access is more of a security risk than providing a menu with a handful of options.

By hacking I was mainly talking about cheating but it also includes compromising the system or gaining a deeper understanding to further piracy efforts.

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It was a virtual machne that has no access to the video or direct memory...

It was hardly "deep" access.

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Your understanding of hacking is wrong.

It is not inherently criminal or immoral. The real tragedy is that a redundant term like "ethical hacking" has to exist for the mass media and people who have been brainwashed into thinking "hacking" is an inherently dirty word.

"compromising the system" and "gaining a deeper understanding to further piracy" would not be hacking. Learning about one's lawfully owned system to a deeper level would be as would compromising another's system with there given permission for that testing. Doing so to support the intent to profit through copyright infringement or any other illegal means can simply be labeled by it's correct term "criminal" or if you have to sound computer cool.. "cracking".

Actually, I see too issues here. The misconception and offensive use of "hacking" in the purely pejorative. And the misconception that the obscurity of the hardware will somehow make the device more secure. Really, all it does is reduce the ethical uses by those who are not going to take the time to use PS3 slims for research clusters. The hackers will learn about the hardware for personal interest and the criminals will learn about the hardware for there purposes.

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If the word hacking is hijacked, why don't you use a synonim like 'playing' instead. Never mind the fancy words - we want to open the case of a gadget and play with it. Everybody understands that and knows it's perfectly legal.

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