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Mac OS X Some detailed benchmarks of Snow Leopard. "The performance improvements we encountered in Mac OS X 10.6 through our benchmarks we were quite astonishing. Thanks to the introduction of the Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit migration, OpenCL support, and other refinements made "under the hood" of Snow Leopard, this is one hell of a fast operating system. We were quite appalled with multiple tests exhibiting nearly 50% performance boosts over Mac OS X 10.5.8. While that was an extreme improvement, many other tests ran 10~16% faster. In a few tests, the performance was the same or the delta was statistically insignificant, but in a couple tests, there were regressions."
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phoronix sucks
by averycfay on Sat 29th Aug 2009 17:51 UTC
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I don't even know why I look at phoronix articles anymore.

The headline does not follow from their data. There are quite a few performance regressions and some of them are very serious. Many more tests perform the same or nearly the same. Some tests that show a big gain for 10.6 shouldn't have even been done (comparing python 2.5 in 10.5 to python 2.6 in 10.6?? That's meaningless).

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RE: phoronix sucks
by helf on Sun 30th Aug 2009 04:42 in reply to "phoronix sucks"
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"Mac OS X 10.6.0 is shipping with Python 2.6 compared to Python 2.5 under Mac OS X 10.5.8 and in part may be attributed to the better success of PyBench. The total of the average test times had dropped with today's Apple operating system release."

They address that, and I don't see the big deal? It is shipped as part of the OS so should be fine to bench against. It shows a drastic increase in performance over its older revision in 10.5.8.

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